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    How To Use: Luminous Light


    How to use the lights

    Charge the light before first use. When plugged in you should see a red light. Once it turns green you can use the light.

    One click is 'on' mode. The light will stay on

    The next click is night time 'Motion Sensor' mode. The light will turn on for 60 seconds when it detects motion in a low light setting (mainly used for night)

    The next click will turn your light off.


    How to activate the night time motion sensor

    The motion sensor mode works best in low light situations!

     Most of our customers have the lights installed under the cabinet and turn them on manually when they need (extra light for reading a recipe, cookbook, or chopping vegetables.) Some of our other customers leave it on motion sensor (3 blinks) for when the main lights are off and they need some light without having to turn on the main lights (low light in the afternoons, middle of the night kitchen or water runs) Let me know if this information helps or if you have any other questions!


    How to adjust brightness

    To adjust the brightness, the light must first be on ‘on’ mode.

    Next, hold the power button for 3 seconds. Release to stay at that brightness

    Repeat to adjust


    How long does the battery charge last on ‘on’ mode?

    On a full charge, the light should last anywhere around 4 hours continuously on, depending on brightness. Most of our customers find that this is plenty of time seeing as they are turning it on for a couple times a day (when they are cooking, reading recipes, chopping vegetables etc.) and don't need to charge that often.


    How long does the battery last on 'Motion Sensor' mode?

    The lights can last up to 5 weeks on a full charge with motion sensor mode (about 10 motion activations a day)!


    How to install

    There are two sides to the installation hanging piece. The metal side, which you attach to the light and the sticker side which you peel the sticker and attach to the cabinet. The metal side of the installation piece is not magnetic. The magnet is in the light. If you put the metal side close to the end of the light, you should feel it stick into place.

    For installation, you can take the light fixture and place the metal side of the hanging piece on the back of the light, close to the ends (you can feel when the installation piece is aligned with the magnet on the light because it will stay in place if you try to move it). Once the installation pieces are on the fixture and in place, you can peel the 3M sticker on the installation piece, and firmly place the light in the desired position on the cabinet and hold for a couple of seconds


    Any other questions, please email

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